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Chameleon Pro - Coming Soon

The design of the Chameleon Pro UAS platform is based on actual flight testing next to high tension energized power lines and flight testing of the most popular multicopter configurations. Chameleon Pro autopilot utilizes a modified version of one of the most advanced open source software available. The new software has options that enable the UAS to fly better than an experienced pilot through a complex maze of wiring and structural components. Also the software is capable of saving and transmitting telemetry at extremely fast rate. This design will continually be improved based on ongoing flight testing next to power lines and structures. 

Additionally new algorithms are being developed to advance existing open source software. Finally as sensor technology evolves the Chameleon Pro will evolve with it. The airframe has been design to be adapted to different types of structural inspection from high tension power lines and structures to bridges, highways and towers. 

Chameleon Pro Applications:

  • Utility companies: Power line inspection, tower inspection, vegetation inspection, tool transfer
  • Department of Transportation: Bridge inspection, roadway inspection, weather damage evaluation
  • Construction: Building inspection, site evaluation, building progress 
  • Law Enforcement, Fire Safety: Grid search, location assessment
  • Environmental: Vegetation, air and water sampling